Bransen Shidler

- Web and Graphics Designer -

Hey, I'm Bransen. I'm a web designer from Lafayette, Indiana who specializes in graphic and UX design. I aim to constantly break my limits in every form of digital media creation. I aspire to continue growth in web design, composition, digital art, photography, and videography.


Web Design

Lafayette YMCA

During summer and fall of 2018, I had the privilege of working with Treefrog Marketing as a web/graphic design intern. While there, I assisted with the overhaul of Lafayette YMCA's website. This project required much cooperation and time. My work included photo acquisition and editing, page layout, and content placement for the pages listed. Working with Treefrog significantly developed my experience with Wordpress.


Commission for a local family-owned repair and maintenance service. Created in cooperation with Emily Kender, a Purdue Art and Design major. My roles in this project were design revision and web implementation.

I-SELECT Web Portal for INCOSE

I-SELECT is a web portal, created for the International Council On Systems Engineering by myself and two teammates. It is intended to allow systems engineer practitioners to assess their knowledge and educate themselves on the systems engineering practice. Creating this prototype aided my web development capabilities immensely, as new concepts and language functionality had to be learned in order to satisfy INCOSE’s requirements for the prototype. My core responsibilities for this project included aesthetic, structure, and database construction.

Purdue Coursework

While largely serving as proofs of concept, I created these projects for the purpose of satisfying curriculum requirements at Purdue University. These sites are primarily informational and a demonstration of site layout and concept implementation.


Graphic Design

BRANDING: Super Smash Bros. at Purdue

Upon the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS in 2014, I played an integral role in the development of an inviting and competitive community at Purdue University where players could play the game together. This community later became an official Purdue club in which I spearheaded digital media creation for the sake of branding and exposure.

BRANDING: Logo Designs

These are logos I have designed for various clients, fulfilling the purpose of branding and marketability.

About Me

Hey there. My name is Bransen Shidler, and nothing brings me joy more than making people happy through the things I create. I'm from a small town called Delphi, Indiana. I studied Computer Graphics Technology and Web Design at Purdue University. I constantly seek growth in all aspects of media design.

Front-end web development, graphic design, UX design, composition, photography, and videography are practices in which I have experience and wish to continue to gain mastery. No form of digital design or entertainment is off-limits. I hope to not only provide client satisfaction through every project I complete, but to also continue my journey forward on the learning path.




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