Purdue Smash 4 Events

Here are all the Smash 4 events at Purdue as of November 2017.

Throwdown Thursday



Throwdown Thursday is the premier Smash 4 event at Purdue University. It is a weekly tournament held on Thursday nights where not only students, but players from all over the area are welcome to come compete and have a good time.

Master Hand Monthly



As the name entails, this is a monthly tournament held at the Boss Battle Arcade in Indianapolis. While this is not a Purdue tournament, many Purdue players often travel to this tournament to test their skills against Indiana's best players.



BOPME is a Super Smash Bros. tournament series hosted by Purdue. While the tournament organizers intend for this to be a monthly event, issues often arise that fluctuate the frequency of this event.



Arpeggio was a large-scale tournament hosted in a PMU ballroom. This tournament boasted many fun events and drew a large attendance from all over the state. While there are currently no plans to host another Arpeggio, it is certainly possible.

Two Stock Tuesday


Two-Stock Tuesday was the first weekly Smash 4 tournament series held at Purdue, and was later replaced by Throwdown Thursday. Two-Stock Tuesday played a large role in sparking a massive growth of the Smash 4 community on campus.