The Community Founders

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Brittany is one of the leader figures of the scene. Her passion and enthusiasm played a large role in forming this community. Since the beginning, she has been an effective organizer and coordinator for tournaments. While she is not attending Purdue, she is a recent alumni and works locally as a web developer.



Dan is a CS major. Being the fighting game connoiseur of the group, Dan plays a large role in networking our club with related competitive scenes on campus. While he no longer plays Smash 4 competitively (as of fall 2017), he still supports the community and is dedicated to its success.



I am a CGT and Web Design major. I have a history of enjoying playing Smash Bros. with my friends, and was eager to find others on campus who enjoyed the same. I exercise my leadership skills through managing this community and create any graphic artwork that it may require.



Kyle is a CS major studying software engineering. Kyle spearheaded a lot of the organization that went into the creation of this community. As per a very busy schedule, Kyle is minimally active in the community currently. However, he played a large part in getting it started.



Aaron aided significantly in planning events and hosted his own. He was a graduate who was returning to Purdue to study entomology. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple years ago from Sarcoma. He has been and will be missed.



Spencer is an Aviation major. He is a young mind and is eager to see the community grow. He continues his support by pushing the community in a positive direction.